Lead a life that Wealth loves to follow around!

Hi love, I’m Cornelia

I’m a  Transformational Money Mentor and Coach who loves to see BIG breakthroughs for entrepreneurs, coaches, and therapists trapped in small thinking.

I help people like you shift the money messages they’ve learned so that they can catapult their income growth and heal their heart-wounds that have been holding them back.

My gentle way intertwined with practical strategy means that your money blocks vanish so that you increase your income exponentially.

This means more prosperity - in life and living, in giving and in wealth

My process for BIG breakthroughs contains:

  • A strong mix of healing and acceptance of past traumas that stunt your wealth growth
  • A generous dose of love and support
  • A powerful method of  the Emotional Freedom Technique  or “tapping”
  • A lot of “go with the flow”–this is your journey and I help you recognize what’s really crying out for attention and what needs resolution before you can move forward.

Let’s take a bold and curious look at your money story and then… Let’s rewrite your story with an epic ending and a sunset happily ever after finish!


Are you looking for even more?

THEN HERE’S MY STORY, SIMPLIFIED. – you can read my whole story here.

I am very familiar with the word STUCK.

That was me, not too long ago. A business I didn’t love, rocky marriage and drifting off course.

I decided to quit all of it and left with $10 in my pocket.

But something happened when I left.

All of my problems followed me. Leaving wasn’t the solution.

What was?

Dealing with my thinking and taking a long, honest look at my life and past traumas and wounds that caused me to shrink and hold back.

I applied all my coaching and healing knowledge to myself and discovered that I could have a life I LOVED.

A life that didn’t have problems following me around–but instead, I could have wealth, health and prosperity in all its forms chasing me down!

And it happened…from January to December in 2015, I doubled my income EVERY. SINGLE.MONTH.

And then, something better happened…

…my marriage recovered, my inspiration returned and I found my passion helping others experience a SHIFT in living a life they loved.

Ready for a shift? Ready to change your wealth story, re-start your passion for living and enjoy the life and work that you do?

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Want to hear my personal story?

Join Roscoe and I as I share my story of personal struggle with finances, family, and marriage and how I experienced transformation in my own life.

“Cornelia now travels the world with her husband and 3 daughters (and a baby on the way. UPDATE: the baby is born and it’s a healthy and happy boy) and enjoys the richness of freedom living with her family.  Hear her inspiring story and learn how she helps her coaching clients transform their lives.” – Roscoe Hunter