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what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Money Activation!

The 5 MONEY categories

Learn about the 5 Money categories. I will help you have a deeper understanding of your financial situation and HOW YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

Your personal INCOME GOAL

Discover why your hidden emotions and thoughts prevent you from achieving the income goal that you desire.

Take back your POWER

Knowing the root cause of your financial situation can give you lots of clarity.

Clarity = Power

Own your power!

I'll help you change your money story!

Testimonials for Cornelia Constantinescu

Amanda Neil

Birth of Venus Coaching

 I am empowered and very kind with myself around money. 

Cornelia's course gave me a fresh start with money. I had been doing lots of work with finances for years. Her work through tapping helped me gently wipe away negative emotions I had about money and more importantly about how i felt about myself with money.

All those emotions are gone and now I have a wonderful clean slate to work with and build on. I can choose the kind of relationship with money I want. I am empowered and very kind with myself around money. Cornelia is an incredible mix of being wonderfully nonjudgemental and able to get straight to the point. That's why I think her work is so effective - it gets to the heart of the matter. You will feel heard, understood loved and supported the whole way through. And Even though this was a group course, Cornelia took the time to show me how to address a specific situation in my own life with money that is more unique. I have known Cornelia for years and know she is an absolute master at what she does. I appreciate her and her work endlessly and look forward to more because I reap the benefits of it every day.

Adriana Lane


I was feeling like I was out of a trance and so much calmer.

Going through this process I felt so disconnected with my family. Even though I love them and I know that they are happy for my success it was hard seeing it.

When the exercise was done I was feeling like I was out of a trance and so much calmer.

So powerful! Thank you!

Danielle Jones

Yoga instructor

I had no idea that my ancestors money journey could affect me these days.

I've realized that the money goal that I set for myself was actually to prove to my parents that I am able to make money.

I had no idea that my ancestors money journey could affect me these days.

So eye opening!

About Cornelia

Cornelia is a Transformational Money Mindset Coach

She blends energy healing and clearings with mindset work.

Her work helped so many people to double, triple, even quadruple their income, have healthy relationships, set healthy boundaries, and honor themselves on the way. 

Cornelia went through her own journey of healing and improving her financial situation from broke and in debt to financial independent.

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