Module 7 – BONUSES

Module 8

Module Structure

Bonus 1 - Money Clearing Audio

Listen to this Money Clearing Audio every time you feel you need a money boost.

Enjoy it!

Let me know in the comments below how are you feeling after listening to it and what miracles are showing up in your life!

Bonus 2- Crazy things you can do to attract more money into your life


ALWAYS DO THESE THINGS IN ADDITION TO THE MODULES. I tried these techniques before my money healing journey and they worked a little bit but I couldn't see the results I really wanted.

And I believe you want amazing results in your life ??  ?

Bonus 3 - Clear Old Negative Beliefs About Money

In this call, we took some old negative programming, cleared them, and we shifted the energy so you can feel free to earn more.

Towards the end, we did the poor chair versus the wealthy chair exercise.

Let me know in the comments how was this training for you! As always come to the Facebook group and share with us your wins!

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