Activate the Thriver Within Group Calls

Module 9

Module Structure

Q&A & Healing Call #1 December 18th, 2020

Our first Q&A& Healing call was today. Yaaay!

We went through the first module, with insides and things that came out and towards the end, we did some clearings using the Subconscious Release Technique (SRT).

Enjoy the call and let me know in the comments what came up for you and what you discovered in your own Money Blueprint.

Q&A & Healing Call #4 January 20th, 2021

What an amazing first call on 2021! 💃🏼

In this class, we did some refusal tapping around not wanting to be happy and let go of the breakdowns.

Towards the end, I asked a question to reflect on: "If I don't need and want anything, why would the money come to me?" You'll need to watch the recording if this doesn't make sense.

I am excited about this new beginning! ❤️ 

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