Module 3 – Break Free From the Debt Cycle

Module 4

Module Structure

Lesoon 1 - Introduction

In this lesson, I am talking about why debt is hanging like a dark cloud over your head and why it's important to do the inner work so you can break free from this pattern.

Enjoy the first lesson.

Lesson 2 - Debt and Your Inner Worth

Who would have thought that behind our debt can be an emotional trigger?

I mean, we feel awful to have debt but we don't think there can be something to do about it, just to pay it.

In this lesson, I break down what your inner worth has to do with debt,

I would love to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments or in the Facebook group.

Lesson 3 - Identifying the Feelings Behind Your Debt

In this lesson, we are going to start identifying what kept you in the debt cycle.

Grab your notebook and let's start this!

Lesson 4 - Identifying How Debt Makes You Feel

In order for us to shift our money blueprint, it is really important to identify our darkest beliefs about debt.

Remember, debt can keep you in low vibration and once you clear it, you can start building wealth, paying your debt in an easy way.

Lesson 5 - Letting Go Of The Emotions Around Debt

It's time to let all those pesky emotions go.

Tapping is a great tool to help you release all the negative feelings and beliefs.

Let me know in the comments below what was the number you began with and where are you after the tapping.

Lesson 6 - Clearing the "It's Never Enough"

How many times have you had the feeling that you can't stretch your money and no matter what you do, it's not enough?

Well, it is time to clear that negative thinking and shift into a more positive one.

The first thing we need to do is to look at our debt and really acknowledge and voice what we feel and believe.

Next, we are using tapping to clear all that out. 

Follow me in this tapping so you can shift all those hidden emotions and feelings into more powerful and positive ones.

Lesson 7 - Tapping to Saying "YES"to Eliminating Debt

Do we really need to say "YES" to eliminate debt?


People with debt tend to have so much attachment to debt. Debt seems to be part of their personality.

So in order for you to start shifting your debt into wealth, you need to do this tapping so you can create a plan to paying your debt.

Enjoy this tapping and let me know in the comments how do you feel after you do it.

Lesson 8 - Moving From Debt to Wealth

In this video, I am bringing some awareness around managing and keeping more of your money gives you a better chance to create the wealth you envision.

~ Budgeting to scarcity reinforces scarcity.

Budgeting to a goal reinforces the goal.

~ There are key steps to make the transition from debt to wealth.

First, get to a point where money management becomes second nature and you do it automatically. This is hard.

Tapping will help clear some of your emotions about debt and make it much easier to develop great money management strategies.

But it’s also necessary to start creating more income.

In order to transition from debt to wealth, you need to: Identify and clear away the negative emotions you’ve been programmed to feel around money.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Lesson 9 - Tapping to Become A Fantastic Money Manager

In this video, I am going to help you clear some resistance to become a great money manager.

A huge part of being financially independent and paying off your debt is becoming a money manager.

Knowing how to manage your money and taking action towards your money goals will help you build your wealth easily.

I'd love to know your Ah-ha's and how do you feel after tapping. 

Let me know in the comments below ????????

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