I was living a shallow life

I thought I had everything. I thought that my life was so good and I was “trying” to do anything to keep it that way. I was living a middle-class life but I always felt like I never had enough for the things I wanted to improve my life.

We were trying to bring in enough money to make ends meet, but ALWAYS we ran out out of money by the end of the month. One day, everything broke down into little pieces. My husband and I separated, and I ended up alone, with no family, no money, and no place to stay.

I wasn’t feeling supported. I was waking up tired, I was emotionally and physically exhausted.

I was hiding my emotions because I thought my life will change if I hide my feelings. I was secretly blaming others for my miserable life, and I felt that I had no power to change it. I remember feeling so confused.

All the dreams I had since I was a child had vanished. I was feeling guilty every time I wanted to buy something for my heart. I couldn’t afford to pay my bills on time, even though my husband and I were making good money. 

Being alone I realized that I was fighting with my husband more often than we were eating. It was so normal for us to fight all the time that we weren’t even aware that we were doing it. 

Glancing at  my life, I saw that all my relationships had something in common. My heart was broken, my mind was full of clutter, and I was experiencing the same thing over and over. I was alone, and I was still feeling the pain of my past.Our love story started so beautifully. We had been friends for years, but he proposed to me after 30 hours after  our first kiss. I said “I DO!” and I thought I was living a fairy tale.

But that fairy tale vanished in less than 2 months. It was like a cold shower. Everything started to change.

After 7 years of marriage, we couldn’t find anything in common.

I was more and more irritated and frustrated. I was feeling good only when we were out with friends or at some party. When we broke up, everybody was in shock. You know those couples that are getting along very well in society and they seem happy but when they are coming back home they ignore each other? We were something like that.

On top of all that, we were really struggling financially. Even though we were earning lots of money, we had no idea how to manage the money, how to increase our financial thermostat, and how to enjoy having money.

We were always working hard for our money but we didn’t have time to enjoy our lives. We thought that that’s the way it has to be.


or destroy them

After I realized how messy my life was, I had an honest moment with myself, and I answered these questions:

  • If I continue on this path, what are the chances to improve my life?

                                       The answer was loud and clear: 0%

  • If I change something in my life, what chances do I have to improve my life?

                                       The answer was: At least 5% – I was very pessimistic

It was a beginning! I became my own detective and step by step I turned everything around in my life that was not working.

Don’t get me wrong, in the 7 years of marriage, I used affirmations, positive thinking, applied the Law of Attraction, everything I knew and I learned about personal development. Things were changing on the surface, on the inside, but on the inside, I was feeling the same.

I’m not saying that all the above are not working. THEY ARE WORKING, but a piece was still missing. I knew I needed a different approach and I needed to find that missing piece.


I went through a process that helped me uncover everything that was holding me back from living the life I wanted to live. Piece by piece, I removed every block I had around money – that was keeping me stuck in the same financial reality – and I  healed the wounds that were making me to create the same drama and trauma – without even being aware – OVER and OVER again.

After a short few months, my husband and I were falling in love again. We became so connected, it was something beyond what we can express in words. Our souls connected at a deeper level and it was so easy this time.


Now, we are traveling whenever we want wherever we want. Our home is full of love, peace, and joy. We live a life WE LOVE. We support each other in our activities and in our businesses. When we are discussing something, we talk like 2 adults, not like 2 kids in adults suits. We spend more time in family and less time working.

We have 3 beautiful girls, and they are growing up in a safe, loving, and happy environment. We chose to homeschool them, and it is so fun to teach them.

I became financially independent and free – I quadrupled my income in 2015 and growing since then . It is so easy to do things now, even though I have a lot more on my plate now than I had before. I wake up in the morning with a big smile on my face, happy to start my day. I create things I love, and I teach my daughters how to be and feel empowered, happy, loved, and peaceful. – 


I don’t think I mentioned you that now traveling is our lifestyle. In 10 months we traveled in 11 countries, I gave birth to my 4th child in beautiful Croatia, we spent the whole winter of 2017 in Greece, mostly in Crete, and we explore the world in our own way free from any constraint.

It is my mission and passion to support and guide people in their own journey because I really believe we are born to thrive. I believe that we can move mountains when we align our heart and mind in the same direction.

What about you? Are you ready to make a shift?