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About this course

Welcome to Activate the Thriver Within program.

In this program, you'll learn about the 5 money categories and the 3 aspects of each category. 

Dive into the program to discover your hidden emotions and thoughts, or connected traumas that you might have.

If you feel stuck in your financial situation, this program is for you!

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Course Structure

My Story - How I started

In this video, I am going to be vulnerable and share with you my money journey.

I believe that stories are so powerful because it gives us a sense of confidence that we can succeed as well.

Enjoy it!

13 Lessons

Module 1 - Your Money Blueprint

In this module, you are going to uncover your deep emotions, thoughts, and traumas in all 5 money categories.

Your Money Blueprint Workbook

This is your own workbook.

Please download it to your computer, print it out, and write down in it when you are watching each kind of money.

You need this money blueprint so you can capture all the emotions, thoughts, and traumas in one place.

When you'll need to heal something, you'll know where you can find it.

The printed version.

Here's the fillable version:

Lesson 2 - DEBT Bonus - Worksheet

Download the worksheet that will help you to have clarity with paying your debt:

Lesson 5 - TOXIC MONEY

This is the most disempowering money category there is. It doesn't happen to everybody, but when it does it can create a huge hole in your bank account.

Grab your workbook and a pen, and do the exercises in the video.

Lesson 5 - TOXIC MONEY Bonus

This exercise will help you release faster the negative emotions you are holding on to your energy system.

Money Clearing Audio

Listen to this Money Clearing Audio every time you feel you need a money boost.

Enjoy it!

Let me know in the comments below how are you feeling after listening to it and what miracles are showing up in your life!

Q&A & Healing Call #1 December 18th, 2020

Our first Q&A& Healing call was today. Yaaay!

We went through the first module, with insides and things that came out and towards the end, we did some clearings using the Subconscious Release Technique (SRT).

Enjoy the call and let me know in the comments what came up for you and what you discovered in your own Money Blueprint.

Q&A & Healing Call #4 January 20th, 2021

What an amazing first call on 2021! 💃🏼

In this class, we did some refusal tapping around not wanting to be happy and let go of the breakdowns.

Towards the end, I asked a question to reflect on: "If I don't need and want anything, why would the money come to me?" You'll need to watch the recording if this doesn't make sense.

I am excited about this new beginning! ❤️ 

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